What's Next?

Next I would recommend you join us on Facebook if you have not already. The Boondockin Saints is a closed FB group. We do this to ensure our members are local and also not just trying to sell some overpriced junk out of California. You will need to request to join the group. If you know someone who is a member please ask them how they like it. 

Good Job, You Passed!

The Enrollment Process Is Very Difficult!


Now that we got that out of the way. Congratulations, you are eligible to join us here at Boondockin Saints!

Now let's discuss the fees involved with becoming a member. Annual dues are $0 and we expect you to cover the 0% membership fee increase each year.


Twin Cities Snowmobile Community            We Are All Saints Here

How Do I Join? 

You must answer yes to at least two of the following questions.

1. Do you own a snowmobile?

2. Does 2-stroke turn you on?

3. Do you live in Minnesota or western Wisconsin?

4. Can you ride a snowmobile?